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Given the degree of difficulty and complexity for a well-designed high-level software (i.e Video Game), our product development Team combines all necessary expertise, resulting in high quality products of our own.

During the development of our first title (2006 - 2007) "1453-1821 - The Coming of Liberation" we began our development Team with basic knowledge on various areas of manufacturing Video Games with a common goal. Our vision was to complete our very own Video Game. These efforts where paid off after 18 months of hard work, with research into the new and unknown (for then) objects and techniques, behind which hid great co-operation, pleasant atmosphere, fun and passion for creation.

Above all there is a goal and dream for the development of remarkable titles, we believe with the correct research, organization of our fields and responsibilities, whether it concerns a member of our Team or an external partnership. Our healthy psychology and good functioning of human resources shall lead to products with high demands in the field of Gaming.

The way we see Game Development
The gross market for video games, with millions of people entertained worldwide of various ages, ethnicities and different personalities has created a huge range of computer games under many different categories. These categories don’t only have to do with the game theme, or even the gameplay, it’s how we can reach the public and every individual Gamer.

Major categories under this classification are: Desktop Games | Web Games | Social Games | Mobile Games etc.

We started under the category of Desktop Games where the Gamer would install the software after having bought the DVD Case from the shelves of a store where the product is distributed. Having researched different areas in an effort to find our next title and looking at “What’s in” we came to the conclusion and began the development of Web Games. In March of 2010 we had our first attempt at the first Greek Browser Game known as «European Football Managers » which ran for one month in Beta version and managed to entertain around 1200 Gamers. For company reasons the construction froze and began working on two new titles, one of which the Beta Version has already been released and in due time shall be officially released, GensWar an Online Browser Game and the second is under construction and yet to be announced as a Desktop Game.

In conclusion, SDS Game Studios is open to suggestions and ideas for new titles. While still believing in the great power of experienced developers with the tools they use, we consider your requests and deal with our projects seriously.